Your go-to for getting there in SA

Developed a clear and concise CVP that could be easily understood

Created a short, catchy name suitable for a digital app

Adapted the RAA identity to create a bold and lively brand for a younger demographic

With a new mobility app in development, RAA asked us to define the customer value proposition and develop naming and branding for this innovative product.

The app would answer a real need – a single place where you can plan a journey within South Australia and travel any way you choose.

Building on RAA's unique knowledge of South Australia, the new value proposition positioned the product as the go-to solution for planning journeys – “by locals, for locals”.

We crafted a short, snappy, and emotive name – RAA Go – reflecting the dynamic nature of the app and its focus on seamless travel experiences.

As with the name, the identity is as young, energetic, and direct. The perfect go-to for getting there.

Need to get somewhere fast? You got it.
Discover, Plan, Go
Left: someone logging into the RAA Go app on their iphone. Right: The app button on an iphone screen.
Ready, Set, Go!
Left: App screen asking where are you going? Right: RAA employee in an RAA Go tshirt with the statement "I'm good to go".
An Adelaide bus wrapped in an add for RAA Go. Heading reads Ride like a Boss.
A selection of pages from the RAA Go brand book.

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