Driving a low carbon future in SA

Used insights from EV owner research to name the network

Introduced a new symbol, leveraging EV category codes for ease of recognition

Co-designed signage and charging infrastructure with Isovist

Partnering with government to develop South Australia’s first state-wide EV charging network, RAA needed a name and branding solution for this landmark project.

RAA has been helping drivers reach their destinations in South Australia for over 100 years. We named the network ‘RAA Charge’, leveraging the trust and confidence in the brand and clearly communicating the purpose of the network.

With three-quarters of charging locations in regional areas, we anchored the positioning to the potential of road trips – ‘freedom for the journey ahead’. The new symbol is designed to be universally understood and highly visible from a distance, reassuring EV owners that they are never far from a charge.

A car plugged into an RAA Charge wall charger at an RAA Charge site
Left: Someone plugging a charger into their car. Right: A shopping centre sign with the RAA Charge logo featured.
Left: email form RAA Charge with the headline "Whatever's next. You're never far form an RAA Charge". Right: RAA Charge locations shown on a map within the RAA App.
four proof points shown on the RAA Charge website
RAA Charge EV Charging sticker in the window of a caravan park office.
Three social posts from RAA Charge showing recently launched sites.
A selection of pages from the RAA Charge brand book.

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