Keeping life moving in South Australia

Defined a brand strategy to help position the organisation beyond motoring

Reshaped the brand architecture to ensure greater clarity and relevance for consumers

Amplified existing distinctive assets and introduced dynamic, bold new assets fit for the future

Established in 1803 and with over 800,000 members, RAA has a reputation as an organisation South Australians can rely on.

With a successful decade of business transformation and growth behind them, RAA wanted to redefine their brand to meet changing transport needs and shifting consumer expectations.

We worked with the team at RAA to define a strategy to show South Australians how they can help keep their lives moving beyond just motoring. To elevate and clarify their services we reshaped the brand architecture around the core business pillars of motor, home and travel. We also worked with the people and culture team to redefine the organisational values to support the brand evolution.

We signalled the new positioning with a new logo symbolic of moving forward. Research into the distinctiveness and relevance of the new identity revealed the potential of the new identity assets to drive greater distinctiveness and appeal. The new brand identity, completely redesigned from the ground up, has increased RAA’s relevance as a modern, dynamic, member-driven organisation in SA.

A RAA road service technician helping a family with a broken down car, on the side of a Country Road
A car passing an RAA shop with a large Chevron
RAA's central Adelaide store at sunset
A collection of RAA membership cards
An RAA staff member helping a customer look at Travel Options, in their Colinades store.
Left: Young woman putting her yoga mat into her car boot. Right: A family enjoying a lunch at a local cafe.
Three posters from RAA's internal campaign
RAA's new Frontify brand guidelines website

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