Enabling work life to thrive

Defined a simple but passionate brand purpose to help Investa move beyond ‘just buildings’

Aligned their expertise into a clear vision that resonates with their audiences

Developed a new identity to clearly signal a new era for the business

With over $14 billion of property assets across Australia’s state capitals, Investa is one of Australia’s leading commercial real estate businesses.

After a period of takeover bids, the management team wanted to set a clear path for the future. And needed a distinctive brand positioning and an identity to start their journey.

Through a 360º brand review and key audience interviews we uncovered a unique, connected internal culture at Investa. This culture combined with Investa’s Australian workplace expertise enabled us to define a simple but passionate purpose – ‘We enable Australian work life to thrive.’

The new identity brings the purpose to life across it’s diverse customer base. Showcasing a dynamic organisation creating some of Australia’s most valued work places.

A female Investa employee smiling during a work meeting. The text reads "We enable Australian work life to Thrive."
People passing through the lobby of 259 Queen street
Left: Employee lanyards. Right: New Investa business cards
Left: A person reading the Investa newsletter on their phone while holding a takeaway coffee cup. Right: 135 King Street workplace brochure.
New signage outside 239 George Street.
Left: A tote bag with the words 'For the Nine to Thrive'. Right: Construction hoarding outside a new Investa building, "Excuse us while we freshen up. New end of trip facilities coming soon.
Left: Smiling woman leaving an Investa staff meeting. Right: Two women working on their laptops in an Investa office.
Close up of a woman in a stripy shirt holding an Investa branded mug
The Investa new starter handbook

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