Pause. Take a breath. Reconnect.

Used research driven insights to guide creative idea

Developed a campaign that empowered young people with practical ideas to improve their mental health

Executed the campaign through multiple channels from social to activations

headspace Day is an annual event that shines a spotlight on youth mental health by actively encouraging young people to take care of their mental well-being. We were tasked by headspace to create a campaign for headspace Day 2022.

Post-COVID many young people were grappling with stress and anxiety concerning the challenges of everyday life. Caught in the throes of these pressures individuals often neglected their mental well-being and risked becoming isolated.

Our response identified the need to encourage young people to slow down from the overwhelming pace of modern life. Our campaign idea: ‘pause, do something for yourself, and reconnect’ allowed us to remind young people of activities that nurture good mental health – enjoying music, cooking, or talking with friends.

Results form the campaign were positive – 6% increase in year-on-year campaign awareness, 65% engagement and action from young Australians, aged 15 to 25.

Three posters from the campaign
Three social posts from the campaign
Website takeover ad for headspace day shown on a laptop
Sticker wall with young people's responses to the question what do you do to recconet?

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