Banjo Loans

Moving business forward

Repositioned the brand as a finance partner

Developed a unifying brand idea born from Banjo’s unique attributes

Created an identity that better represents an established industry leader

An established Melbourne based fintech, Banjo Loans specialises in providing financial solutions to Australian and New Zealand based SMEs.

With solid growth over several years, Banjo Loans wanted to reset their brand positioning, identity and digital experience to ensure they were positioned for the future.

Using category research, interviews, and internal workshops we gained insights into what makes Banjo Loans unique and potential market opportunities for the business.Against a backdrop of category expansion and a growing number of brands entering the fintech space, we positioned Banjo as an established brand against the new-comers. Combining big-bank expertise with the challenger mentality of an alternative lender.

We developed a compelling brand idea ‘Propelling your next chapter’, that talked to the organisations dedication to help move their clients forward. It also acknowledged the inspiration behind their name – writer Banjo Patterson, who appears on a ten dollar note. The new identity brings the brand idea to life. The brand voice is positive, optimistic and energetic, the design confident and considered and the evolved logo moves from a ‘folded B’ to a ‘fast-forward B’. Showing the way to a future rich with possibilities and opportunities.

A banjo customer smiling in his food processing factory
Left: Banjo's three pillars – Smart Solutions, Smart Partnerships, Smart Responsibility. Right: Banjo's app on an iPhone's home screen
The new look website
A staff member in a Banjo t-shirt
A selection of pages from the Banjo Brand guidelines

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