Making the invisible visible

Led a co-design process to help AYAMH realise their ambitions

Created a bold brand with input from youth mental health research

Launched a unique mobile-first immersive exhibition and campaign to share the individual stories

Being young can be difficult. And life can easily become overwhelming for some, especially if they’re isolated. The Australian Youth Advocates for Mental Health (AYAMH) set out to create an initiative that would change this.

AYAMH brought us on board to help create a national initiative to shift the conversation on mental health for young people across Australia.

Together with AYAMH, we developed a creative initiative named ‘Visible’ (mental health can be difficult to understand as we don’t often ‘see’ it). The initiative partners a talented young artist with a young person to produce a creative expression of their experiences facing a mental health challenge. Their story and artwork is shared with others via an immersive digital exhibition platform.

Combining a spotlight logo with commissioned imagery evoking the thoughts in our heads, we created an identity and campaign that could successfully flex to feel native through multiple channels. The campaign was launched through Spotify, social media, display, native and TV.

Visible’s campaign had a PR reach of 9.8million on launch day, 3.6m TikTok impressions – 0.77% CTR (industry average 0.24%), and 53.6% of website users scrolled down 50% or further.


Left: Workshop materials. Right: Important delivery questions.
Visible website header
Visible website across five phones

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